Complete package – water tank storage,pump and filtration for lifestyle section

Council restricted water supply to complement existing rain water collection for water supply to the home, this included water filtration to the home.

The customer was put on new council restricted water supply and had existing rain water collection for water supply. They wanted ample water storage with optional back up of both water supply sources with water filtered into the home. We got to the customer site and the customer had only unfiltered rain water supply to the home and stock troughs around the property. The local council has now offered a new restricted water supply to the property boundary which the customer wanted to use. To insure they did not have any issues with water supply they wanted to increase the storage from one 13 000 ltr tank (rain water collection) to include three additional 30 000 ltr tanks. They also wanted to have a backup plan in case one system failed or was interrupted. This was to include a buffer built into the tanks system its self by means of open and shutting of valves then also a form of tank water level monitoring remotely (via smart phone app and in home view) At the request of the customer we also installed a water meter for water usage monitoring. The customer also wanted a pump that would be variable in flow but have constant pressure as they would at times have increased flow beyond their normal usage, we offered a DAB Esybox Pump for this application being a variable speed pump The power usage of this pump would be based on what the water demand is, so it ramps up when water demand increase hence increase power use then ramps down when demand decreases using less power. The DAB Esybox also has some great features that include • 2 Litre expansion tank to protect against thermal fluctuations • Dry run protection to stop pump damage if no water is present • Intelligent anti-freeze protection prevents the formation of ice inside the unit • Over / under voltage protection • Over current protection. For water sterilization to the home, we used a dual grade filter cartridge for the UV with an added carbon block for taste and odour, this offers a great solution for the customers water supply in the home which requires lamp and filters changes once a year. For pump protection, the Dab Esybox has loss of prime protection but we also installed true run dry protection by means of a float in the tank set about 1 meter from the bottom of the tank, this will stop the pump when it reaches this level, the customer then needs to switch to manual at this point this way you never run the pump dry and don’t ever need to worry about re-priming the pump. This way also offers the customer backup water while they investigate low water issues. On this project it was a turn key option so we took care of everything from start to finish, did the site works, built the tank pad, trenched all the pipe in, installed the shed (lined inside with ply) and concrete base and did all the installation, our contract electrician supplied and installed the power to the shed. The customer was already living in the home so we insured they had water whilst the new system was being installed. Final commissioning was completed and handed over to a very happy customer.

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