You deserve the best pumps and filters in Nelson & Christchurch!

With a great team of dedicated experts, we can help you out with a wide range of pumping solutions, including design, manufacture, installation, maintenance and repairs.

Since 1988, we have developed a sterling reputation in the greater Nelson area for quality products, service, and expertise that surpasses all expectations. You'll find that our service, both before and after-sale, will leave you completely satisfied.

Quality design and manufacture

Whatever your requirements, we can design a pump-set that fits the bill. Our professional technicians are able to create innovative water pump solutions that meet all your needs and function precisely.

Quality installation

Once your equipment has been constructed, we will take care of the entire installation procedure. Expect to get an expertly installed pump and a hassle-free transition to the increased functionality and efficiency! 

Our team of professional installation experts make sure all our products are installed properly, so that their performance is maintained for many years to come. 

Quality maintenance and repairs

We stand behind our products and perform quality maintenance and repair at the first sign of trouble. Our regular maintenance schedule makes sure that your water pump is always in top working condition. We can also handle any unexpected repair concerns quickly and reliably.
We are the expert in the marine market, with a huge range of quality pumps for engine cooling, bilge pumping, marine sanitation, fresh water handling and so on.
To arrange an estimate, call us now on 0800 478 633
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