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BT-MB 25D: Screw Pump

The BT Series Screw pumps are self-priming positive displacement pumps, with three
spindles, one driven and two idle spindles. The three spindle rotation creates sets of moving seals from suction to discharge. These sets of seals form fully enclosed cavities moving axially and softly from the inlet to the outlet. This pumping design and construction enables noiseless fluid handling without pressure pulsations and turbulence.

This is a specialised product, please inquire in store for more information or to purchase. 


Fuel and Lube Oil pumping (Diesel or Fuel-oil ), Viscosities from 2 to 1500 cSt (mm2/s). The pumped fluid must be clean, lubricating and noncorrosive to ferrus metals.         These pumps are not suitable for water, alcohols, benzoyl, dilute acids etc. FILTERS are required to prevent damage caused by fluid carried solid impurities.

Direct coupled 0.37kw 400v 1370rpm 71 frame Electric motor. 1” FBSP suction & discharge ports. Nominal flow 13 litres per min. Max Discharge head 5 bar, Max Suction head 5 bar, Viscosities 2-380 cSt, Max temperature <100dC . Internal Bypass (check installation Instructions regarding requirements for additional external bypass).

Dimensions: Length 385mm, Width 135mm, Pump Height 122mm (motor 195mm). Weight 16kg.

Additional information

Weight 16.00 kg
Dimensions 38.5 × 13.5 × 12.2 cm