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CA 50/7: Bronze Self Priming Centrifugal Pump

Marine: Ballast, Bilge, Fire fighting, Engine cooling, General services.
Industrial: Transfer, Circulation, Low pressure liquid handling.
Domestic & Rural: Drainage, Swimming pools, Ponds, Irrigation, Grey and Dirty water pumping.

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Direct coupled 5.5kw 400v 3ph 50hz 132 Frame Electric Motor.
2” FBSP Suction & Discharge ports.
Max Flow. 765 lpm @ 15mtr Head, Head Max. 40 mtrs.
Dimensions: Lg. 720mm, Wd. 290mm, Hgt. 340mm, Wgt. 85kg

The special design of the volute, impeller and diffuser, once filled with liquid and started allows air to be separated off through the discharge which creates a vacuum on the
suction, this in turn draws air from the suction pipe. Once all the air has been evacuated the pump operates as a normal centrifugal pump. During operation, if air gets into
the suction the same priming cycle is repeated. No suction foot valve is required. The back pull out design allows easy disassembly without removing pipe work. The all Bronze/Stainless (316) construction has excellent resistance to the corrosive effects of Seawater.