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CP25/130: Bronze Centrifugal Pump

Marine: Ballast, Deckwash, Fire fighting, Refrigeration Cooling, General Fresh or Seawater services.
Industrial: Transfer, Circulation, Low pressure liquid handling.
Domestic & Rural: Swimming pools, Ponds, Irrigation, Washdown

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Close Coupled 0.36kw 1ph & 3ph 71                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Frame Electric motor. 1” (25mm) FBSP Suction & Discharge ports.
Max flow. 110lpm @ 9m Head, Head Max. 18 mtrs.
Dimensions: Lg. 344mm, Wd. 158mm, Hgt. 212mm, Wgt. 16kg.

Small general purpose End Suction centrifugal pumps are suitable for all kinds of clean or turbid water pumping applications. The 1” (25mm) and 1.5” (40mm) models producing Flows of between, 1.5 to 18 m3/hr at heads of between, 9 & 34 mtrs. Back pull out design allows easy disassembly without removing pipe work. All Bronze/ Stainless (316) construction has excellent resistance to the corrosive effects of Seawater.