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Repair Clamp Hinge Coupling (Standard Length)

$97.63$377.33 (Incl GST)

The Repair Clamp Hinge is a reliable and strong product suitable for covering ruptures and protecting the pipe. The hinge can easily fasten around many pipes and provides security to ensure zero leakage.

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Images and specifications for specific clamps are viewable in the gallery above.

Models Available:

RCH-S-25A: Repair Clamp Hinged 25mm NB S/S NBR 33.4 – 34mm
RCH-S-32A: Repair Clamp Hinged 32mm NB S/S NBR 42.2 – 42.7mm
RCH-S-40A: Repair Clamp Hinged 40mm NB S/S NBR 40.9 – 48.6mm
RCH-S-50A: Repair Clamp Hinged 50mm NB S/S NBR 54 – 60.5mm
RCH-S-65A: Repair Clamp Hinged 65mm NB S/S NBR 66.7 -76.3mm
RCH-S-80A: Repair Clamp Hinged 80mm NB S/S NBR 79.8 – 89.1mm
RCH-S-100A: Repair Clamp Hinged 100mm NB S/S NBR 106.3 – 118mm
RCH-S-125A: Repair Clamp Hinged 125mm NB S/S NBR 129- 141mm
RCH-S-150A: Repair Clamp Hinged 150mm NB S/S NBR 154-168.3mm


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Clamp Sizes

RCH-S-25A, RCH-S-32A, RCH-S-40A, RCH-S-50A, RCH-S-65A, RCH-S-80A, RCH-S-100A, RCH-S-125A, RCH-S-150A