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SQE 5-50

$3,868.60 (Incl GST)

Product number 96160462

Suitable for

  • Domestic ground water intake
  • Domestic water pressure boosting
  • Ground water intake

Submersible pumps with variable speed motor


3″ multi-stage, submersible pump designed for domestic water supply, liquid transfer in tanks, irrigation and environmental applications. The pump has “floating” impellers, each with its own tungsten carbide/ceramic bearing.

The pump features soft starting and protection against dry-running, upthrust, overvoltage, undervoltage, overload and overtemperature.

The motor is a single-phase motor of the permanent magnet rotor type ensuring optimum efficiency within a wide load range. The motor is fitted with a replaceable end cover with socket.

Pumped liquid: Water
Maximum liquid temperature: 35 °C
Max liquid t at 0.15 m/sec: 35 °C
Selected liquid temperature: 20 °C
Density: 998.2 kg/m³
Pump speed on which pump data are based: 10700 rpm
Rated flow: 5 m³/h
Rated head: 48 m
Approvals: CE,PCBC,RCM,EAC,PSE_JQA,CN RoHS Exempt,Morocco
Curve tolerance: ISO9906:2012 3B
Pump: Polyamide / Stainless steel
DIN W.-Nr. 1.4301
AISI 304
Impeller: Polyamide
Motor: Stainless steel
DIN W.-Nr. 1.4301
AISI 304
Pump outlet: Rp1 1/2
Minimum borehole diameter: 76 mm
Motor type: MSE3
Power input – P1: 2.32 kW
Rated power – P2: 1.55 kW
Power input P3: 1.22 kW
Mains frequency: 50 / 60 Hz
Rated voltage: 1 x 200-240 V
Rated current: 11.2 A
Power factor: 1.00
Rated speed: 10700 rpm
Start. method: direct-on-line
Enclosure class (IEC 34-5): IP68
Insulation class (IEC 85): F
Length of cable: 1.5 m
Motor No: 96195291
Net weight: 6.8 kg
Gross weight: 6.8 kg
Shipping volume: 0.01 m³


Product name SQE 5-50
Product No 96160462
EAN number 5700398871910


Pump speed on which pump data are based 10700 rpm
Rated flow 5 m³/h
Rated head 48 m
Stages 4
Approvals CE,PCBC,RCM,EAC,PSE_JQA,CN RoHS Exempt,Morocco
Curve tolerance ISO9906:2012 3B
Pump No 96080399
Model B
Valve pump with built-in non-return valve


Pump Polyamide / Stainless steel
DIN W.-Nr. 1.4301
AISI 304
Impeller Polyamide
Motor Stainless steel
DIN W.-Nr. 1.4301
AISI 304


Pump outlet Rp1 1/2
Minimum borehole diameter 76 mm


Pumped liquid Water
Maximum liquid temperature 35 °C
Max liquid t at 0.15 m/sec 35 °C
Selected liquid temperature 20 °C
Density 998.2 kg/m³

Electrical data

Motor type MSE3
Power input – P1 2.32 kW
Rated power – P2 1.55 kW
Power input P3 1.22 kW
Mains frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Rated voltage 1 x 200-240 V
Rated current 11.2 A
Power factor 1.00
Rated speed 10700 rpm
Start. method direct-on-line
Enclosure class (IEC 34-5) IP68
Insulation class (IEC 85) F
Built-in motor protection Y
Thermal protec internal
Length of cable 1.5 m
Motor No 96195291


CU 300/CU 301 communication with CU 300/CU 301 possible


Net weight 6.8 kg
Gross weight 6.8 kg
Shipping volume 0.01 m³
Sales region Japan