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CP25/160: Bronze Centrifugal Pump

Marine: Ballast, Deckwash, Fire fighting, Refrigeration Cooling, General Fresh or Seawater services.
Industrial: Transfer, Circulation, Low pressure liquid handling.
Domestic & Rural: Swimming pools, Ponds, Irrigation, Washdown

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Close Coupled 0.75kw 400v 3ph 50hz 80
Frame Electric motor.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           1” (25mm) FBSP Suction & Discharge ports.
Max Flow. 135 lpm @ 15mtr Head, Head Max. 32 mtrs.
Dimensions: Lg. 409mm, Wd. 194mm, Hgt. 247mm, Wgt. 19kg.

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