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RA25: Bronze Bidirectional Self Priming Pump

Marine: Main & Auxiliary Engine cooling, Deck wash, Ballasting.
Industrial: Transfer, Circulation, Low
pressure liquid handling.

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This Side Channel type pump is designed to operate in clean liquids without suspended solids. The inlet and outlet ports are decided by the direction of rotation, hence these
pumps can be reversed for reverse flow. The all Bronze/Stainless (316) construction has excellent resistance to the corrosive effects of Seawater. Special Features are; High
Self-priming capacities at a wide range of rotational speeds. Compact design with extraordinary performance for it size. Minimum and easy maintenance.

Bare Shaft Pump. (Max continuous rpm 2300-Intermittent 2900).
1” (25mm) FBSP Suction & Discharge ports.
Max Flow. 104 lpm @ 1.5m Head @ 2900rpm, Head Max. 35 mtrs.
Min Flow. 2.5 lpm @ 7.5mtrs Head @ 1200rpm.
Power required – 0.3kw @ 1200rpm < 1.75kw @ 2900 rpm.
Dimensions: Lg. 205mm, Wd. 135mm, Hgt. 165mm, Wgt. 8kg



Additional information

Weight 8.00 kg
Dimensions 20.5 × 13.5 × 16.5 cm